Inspirational Cornish Business Women

Sunday 8th March was International Women’s Day so we thought we’d ask one of our inspirational local entrepreneurs, and successful CLLD grant applicant,  how they tick.


Lisa Matthews runs Second Life Interiors in Torpoint, which refurbishes and refinishes pre-loved furniture for a wide range of customers.

CLLD: Who is the most important woman in your life and how have they influenced you?

Lisa: “It’s got to be my best friend Jenny, she supports and encourages me to reach my goals, she always helps me to see things from a different perspective, inspires me to have new experiences and live life to the fullest.”

CLLD: If you were to give one piece of advice to other women starting a business what would it be?

Lisa: “Believe in yourself, never undervalue your work, prioritise, organise, ask for help, and make time to look after yourself – I know it’s more than one, but this is my mantra.”

CLLD: Have you had to face any struggles in business and how have you overcome them?

Lisa: “At the beginning I had very little knowledge about running a business, especially managing and recording finances. I overcame this by speaking to other business owners and using the Government website for advice and support.” 

“Managing my time has also been a struggle. I Have a family and another job alongside running my business, so at times this stretched me to my limits and took a toll on my overall wellbeing.  However, I’ve overcome this by making sure I dedicate regular days, and times, for each of these equally important parts of my life. Having a schedule, delegating, prioritising, asking for help, and making time to switch off for self-care, have all been crucial factors in making the best of my time.”