Join a Local Action Group and Ensure Funding Makes a Difference to Cornwall  

We ensure that all grant applications are assessed by a network of Local Action Groups (LAGs). These LAGs are made up of volunteers who are passionate about their local communities, have a high level of local expertise, and who work together to ensure EU funding reaches businesses and projects that will improve their local economy.

These local grassroots committees comprise of individuals from the public, private, and voluntary sectors, alongside those not affiliated to any organisation. Being such mixed groups, embedded in their local communities, the LAGs provide us with a breadth of local knowledge and independent views.

We are looking to recruit new members to each of our four LAGs to help move our goals forward. Our LAG meetings are taking place ‘virtually’ at present to ensure decisions continue to be made despite the Covid-19 lockdown.

The main commitments would be attending a meeting once a month, reading and reviewing projects coming forward for funding to ensure they serve local needs, and helping to promote the CLLD programme when you have the opportunity. Each LAG has a strategy for its work; you will find this plus more details about the programme and projects we have funded here

If you wish to join a LAG and could offer us a few hours a month, please give us a call on 01209 615067 and ‘Help Us to Help Cornwall’!