Community Led Local Development Provides an Unexpected Lifeline

It’s always good to hear how our grants have helped a business but more so when it has helped them weather the storm of Covid-19.

Chris Smith was one of our earliest Cornwall-based recipients of an Enterprise Small Grant, way back in June 2019 when the world was a very different place.

Like others in the creative industries, the lockdown hit Chris pretty hard with lots of work cancelled. He needed to adapt and come up with new ways of working. He points out the positive impact of his grant funding and the support he has received from our team.

“The specialist camera equipment I purchased using the grant has helped me greatly. Without this kit, I wouldn’t have been able to pivot so quickly to home-studio filming.  This has allowed me to continue to work with existing clients and embark on new projects even during lockdown. I’ve been able to offer remote editing for those clients still unable to return to their place of work and I’m now returning to location shooting, equipped with sanitisers and face masks, having seen a rise in enquiries from clients wanting to quick start their return to the marketplace.”

We wish Chris luck for the future