Catching Up With Perfect Sums

Claire Martin, tells us that, following the Governments national lockdown announcement, they were suddenly inundated with calls from worried clients, concerned about how their businesses would be affected.

“We spent most days talking through our client’s options and signposting them to crucial information. But for me, the biggest issue was having to do all this whilst at home with small children. I was working from a tiny office, rapidly repurposed from their commandeered playroom. This wasn’t much fun and they weren’t happy with my sudden takeover. Without the new portable laptops, bought using the grant, we certainly wouldn’t have found it easy to pack up the office and adapt to homeworking. I would have ended up with an even bigger headache.”

Before lockdown we helped Claire secure an ERDF grant, enabling the business to move out of its old cramped workspace and into new, much larger, offices in the historic Trevenson House on the Cornwall College Campus. “This move allowed us to take on more staff and grow rapidly. We even took on new clients during the lockdown”.

The New Normal

As they move back into Trevenson House, Claire believes that without their new premises the future would have been severely compromised by being unable to bring their growing team back together, “Our old set up meant we had to share desks and equipment which is something we couldn’t do now. A bigger office means we can have screens up between computers and plenty of space around the desks, so easily adhering to Government regulations and keeping everyone safe.”

No one could have predicted the situation the business community found itself in but Claire tells us how proud she is about the way her clients faced the challenge and how grateful she is for the support from CLLD to secure this vital funding.