No2 The Same

We recently caught up with Andy Doherty, joint owner of ‘No 2 The Same’ about his decision to bring production ‘in-house’ and we were so pleased to hear that despite lockdown they were not only able to continue to work but even expanded his business.

Back in 2019 we helped him achieve an Enterprise Small Grant (ESG) that enabled him to purchase a latex printer and a hot laminator, and also employ an additional member of staff. As a new company who create eye-catching graphics for a wide range of marketing needs from vehicle wraps to shop fascia – seamlessly turning their designs into a finished product is crucial. The ESG allowed them to take control of the whole print process and grow the business during a time when many firms were scaling back.

Andy told us that for many businesses, already trying to adapt to a world changed by Covid-19, any interruption to the supply chain can have a devastating effect, “If we’d still been having to order printed materials from a supplier, our business would have been impacted massively. Without our new in-house equipment, we would have been unable to produce signage at the speed called for.”

“The grant helped us hit the ground running when we received requests to produce social distancing stickers for shops and businesses. You have probably spotted one of our signs without even realising they are produced right here in Cornwall.”

Andy is positive about the future,saying, “we’ve been very lucky as we haven’t been affected negatively, in fact we’ve had the best 3 months since opening. We are growing very quickly and are currently so busy that we aren’t actively looking for more business. We are even talking about employing more people in the future – things might have been very different if we hadn’t received the financial support to take control our own production processes.”