Blumonkey Media

Gerry Sims, owner of ‘Blumonkey Media’  a content-creation and media production company based in Newquay has recently joined the ranks of our successful grant applicants.

A grant of £6979.68 from CLLD, in the form of an Enterprise Small Grant towards a total project cost of £9694, has enabled him to invest in a van, which allows him to transport film equipment without the inflexibility and financial burden of vehicle hire. We have also helped him to buy a new Mac, so that he can render videos in real-time  – a process that has hugely increased his productivity.

From his studio at HoHouse in Hope yard, Gerry is now able to offer additional services to existing clients, as well as grow his business by providing a series of new marketing offers that will enable local organisations to produce exciting and engaging media content.

To find out more about ‘Blumonkey Media’ visit