Spotlighting one Cornish Project during National Inclusion Week 2021

As its National Inclusion Week 2021 we want to tell you about a wonderful project that champions accessibility for visitors to Cornwall, through a resource that captures the expertise of people who face barriers to inclusion on a daily basis.

‘Access Cornwall CIC’ has developed an online resource targeted at those who experience challenges such as vision and hearing impairments, mobility and learning disabilities, and spectrum conditions and helps them to find the best places to eat, visit and stay in the county. Not only does this resource help them plan a holiday or a day out, it also empowers local businesses and communities to understand how valuable it is to welcome those who face these challenges, as well as their carers.

We recently secured ESF funding so that ‘Access Cornwall CIC’ could launch a project that creates training and employment opportunities for people with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities, in West Cornwall. Participants are helping to create and develop this online resource and, in the process, are gaining valuable transferable skills in digital and graphic design, marketing and social media, copywriting, website editing. and business administration.

The project will tackle the fact that, although it is the leading holiday destination in England, Cornwall doesn’t have a visitor information resource that offers comprehensive and clear information covering all accessibility challenges.

We’re thrilled to have helped fund this unique resource, created directly by people who have daily challenges, whilst at the same time investing in a project that will enhance the skills of disabled people, many of whom find themselves disadvantaged within the workforce. It’s a sad fact that disabled people are more than twice-as-likely to be unemployed than able-bodied people, encounter huge barriers in gaining work, and face negative perceptions before they have even reached interview stage.

Victoria Carpenter, Director and Founder of ‘Access Cornwall CIC’, states, “The project will not only help secure transferable skills but also improve the confidence of our participants, creating valuable networks, connections and opportunities, helping them to find jobs. We target many of our participants at critical points in their transition between education and employment, providing them with an intervention that will offer a pathway to meaningful and fulfilling work opportunities”.

Find out more and explore the resource at