South and East Cornwall LAG


In South and East Cornwall we are looking to fund innovative community led projects that will enable businesses to grow and help and inspire people back into work or education.

We want to create a legacy that will support future economic opportunities.


In order to achieve our aims we will:

  • Fund projects that will enable people within South & East Cornwall to find employment and training opportunities, including projects that help them to build their aspirations, confidence, skills and/or address transport barriers that stop people from achieving these goals
  • Fund local businesses to enable them to expand and grow
  • Fund projects that will create employment and enhance the economy of South and East Cornwall

Meet the chair

Kim is passionate about making a positive difference to her community and had seen what the benefits that funding had brought to projects in other areas of Cornwall and knew the difference that this could make. As a small business owner herself she is aware of the challenges that businesses face and knows how transformative sometimes very small or relatively small amounts of money can be. She believes, “A thriving business will spend its additional income on more staff, who all then spend more on local services. The multiplier effect of the grants that we give shouldn’t be underestimated.”

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Meet the team

Ffion Stanton

Projects Facilitator / South and East Cornwall LAG

Ffion is originally from Wales and has worked for the Voluntary and Community sector for the last 8 years, since graduating from The University of Plymouth. She’s been involved in a wide range of developmental projects across Cornwall and built up a strong skillset in navigating the paths to successful outcomes.

Her knowledge and experience of helping and supporting grass roots community groups with their networking, project development, and funding is a real asset to the team.

In her spare time she loves walking her two dogs, listening to music and playing hockey and in recent years has sat on her Hockey club committee and feels that this first-hand experience has really helped her to understand the challenges that Volunteer led projects have.

She loves Cornwall and recommends "My favourite spot in Cornwall is Perranporth beach! I love watching the dogs run across miles of beach and walking along the cliff tops, you can really lose yourself looking at the waves. At the end of a nice walk you can get nice and warm with a hot chocolate or a cold beverage if it’s a hot day! It is a lovely part of Cornwall".

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