Small grants

If you have a project that requires less than £10,000 of funding then one of our Small Grants may be just right for you. Our small grants fast-track the application process to enable you to receive a decision more quickly so that you can simply get on with delivering your project.

Our Small Grant funding has a single application stage and a decision is typically made within 6 weeks of submitting your completed documentation.

We do however encourage you to speak to one of the team before making an application. We like to check your project is eligible before asking you to complete any paperwork.

If you require £10,000 or more, please speak to us about our main scheme or visit here for more information.

There are two types of Small Grant funding available:

Enterprise small grants


The current availability of Enterprise Small Grants varies by region so please refer to your individual local Action Group Page for more details.

Eligible businesses, including social enterprises, can apply for a small grant towards capital expenditure items and business support. To be eligible, your business (or you, if a sole trader) must be based in a CLLD Core area.

A grant of up to 72% of project costs could go towards purchasing new equipment, minor building modifications, an e-commerce website, business growth consultancy etc

Ideally you should aim to create some new employment as a result of the project. This can be a part-time post, or a full time post.

To find out if your business is eligible for an Enterprise Small Grant, please contact your local CLLD Projects Facilitator.


Community small grants

If you have a small project to deliver training for unemployed or economically inactive people in CLLD Core areas, this could be the source of funding to make it happen.

A grant of up to 80% of project costs can go towards all the costs associated with delivering the training such as staff time, room hire, training materials, refreshments, participants’ childcare or travel expenses etc.

Your project will start a journey for participants, clarifying their training and development needs and helping them move closer to the employment market. Training can include ‘soft skills’ such as building self-confidence, raising aspiration and increasing self-esteem; as well as more formal training and accredited courses. Following the training you will support at least half of the participants to progress into further higher training, job searching or employment.

To find out if your business is eligible for an Enterprise Small Grant, please contact your local CLLD Projects Facilitator.

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