Guidance notes

We have prepared a range of guidance notes to help you with your application. Please take time to study the ones relevant to your project as you will need to provide the necessary information.


Guidance Notes

  • Eligibility of project costs – In order for your project and its associated costs to be eligible for support there are criteria that have to be met. This document lists the main eligible items.
  • Match funding – You will be expected to contribute some funds towards the cost of your project, generally 20% – 30% but for some capital projects this might be 55%. This document outlines the expected match that will be required.
  • Publicity requirements – As a recipient of European funds you will be required to us the correct logo on all project documents and audio-visual material. If you will be delivering ESF support at your premises you must display a poster. There are also requirements with regard to websites and press releases. You must also keep all evidence of publicising the EU support. This document details the requirements you will need to adhere to.
  • Sustainable Development, Equal Opportunities, Anti-Fraud, Safeguarding and GDPR – All projects receiving support from the programme need to demonstrate what practical steps they are taking to positively contribute to sustainable development principles and promotion of equal opportunities. This document also provides guidance on Anti-fraud, Safeguarding and GDPR.
  • Outputs and Results – All successful applicants will need to contribute towards the delivery of output targets. This document details the specific outputs and what evidence is required to show the project has delivered them.
  • Other guidance notes are available for specific projects; your Facilitator or Coordinator will provide these for you where necessary.