How it works

As with every funding application process there are a series of steps to take and stages to complete, these will be slightly different if you chose to apply for a Main Grant or one of our Small Grant options.

The difference with a CLLD application is that we’re on hand to help you throughout the process – you won’t be on your own!

What does it involve?

Before you complete either a Small Grants form or an Expression of Interest form it’s really important that you understand the aims of our programme and how your project will contribute to these. Here are our 6 steps to success…

  • Step 1 Talk to us

Talk to one of our Facilitators or Coordinators about your project idea. They can help you assess the eligibility of your project or specific aspects of it, explain the information you will need to provide, and help you tailor your project to maximise outcomes and ensure it offers value for money. We will also provide guidance on your expected start date and the maximum grant rate available. We really are here to help make the process as easy as possible.

  • Step 2 Plan your project

Find out what you need to put in place to make your project happen. Work out how long your project needs to run and when it will start and end. Plan what you need to do and when, both before your project starts and once it’s up and running. A lot of information might be required to support your application, particularly for larger grants, so allow yourself enough time to assemble this. You also need to allocate time for us to do a thorough assessment of your application and for your Local Action Group’s decision making process; your Facilitator or Coordinator will guide you through this. Don’t forget to allow time to obtain things like planning permission, developing agreements with partners, or carrying out a tendering process. If you need to buy items or buy in professional staff make sure you plan how you will do this in line with any procurement rules.

  • Step 3 Your project budget

Draw up a project budget that takes into consideration all the costs directly attributable to the project, and work out how it will be funded. The programme can provide specific maximum grants but the balance of funds will need to be provided by you or another source which may be public or private. Please note that all grants will be paid in arrears so you need to work out how you will cash flow the project, providing evidence showing how you will achieve this. If you need to apply to other grant making organisations or your bank for a loan the funds need to be in place before your project can be approved.

  • Step 4 What will you deliver?

Work out which, and how many, outputs and results you intend to deliver and how you will monitor these. Your application will need to explain how you will meet the requirements to count the outputs and results and you will also need to allow for time during your project to collect the required evidence.

  • Step 5 Being green and equal

Ensure you understand the concepts of ‘Sustainable Development’ and ‘Equal Opportunities’ and how you will incorporate these into your project in a meaningful way. Larger projects will also need to submit relevant ‘Implementation Plans’.

  • Step 6 Let’s go!

Now you’re ready to complete either an Expression of Interest form or a Small Grants form, depending on the size of grant you will be asking for. Send this to your Facilitator or Coordinator so that we can double check all the information – and then you’re ready to go.

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