Are you eligible?

What can CLLD fund?

  • Projects that provide training for unemployed or economically inactive residents in CLLD eligible areas
    Training can include a range of activities which focus on the needs of the person you are supporting. You must help unemployed or economically inactive people to develop in some way, e.g. skills, confidence, increased aspiration. Your project must aim to lead participants into further training, job search or employment on completion. Your organisation doesn’t have to be based in a CLLD area, but the beneficiaries you support must live there. If you are based outside an eligible area we will expect to see some form of partnership working with a local organisation. You will also need to tell us how you plan to engage with the people you wish to support.
  • Projects that could help people in CLLD eligible areas establish their own business
    CLLD can fund projects that will help potential entrepreneurs get to the point where they are ready to set up their own business. This must include a minimum of 12 hours interaction, with the support, and can cover topics such as; the appropriate legal structure for the business, registering for tax, market research, promotion customer service.
  • Businesses and enterprise support
    If you have a business in an eligible area you can apply for a CLLD grant to expand or increase productivity, particularly where this will create additional employment. This may include the cost of equipment, an e-commerce website, business support consultancy, and the expansion or creation of work premises.

If you have any questions about eligibility please call Natasha on 01209 615067

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