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West Cornwall LAG - New Business Sustainability Funding Scheme

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Call : New Business Sustainability Funding Scheme

Community Led Local Development (CLLD) is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF). This opportunity will provide ERDF funding only.

CLLD is looking for projects to support new business sustainability and employment in West Cornwall and Coast to Coast. In this context supporting business sustainability is defined as the provision of advice, consultancy, mentoring and/or coaching that enables businesses to plan, develop and secure short- and medium-term financial viability or a new business model from which to grow.

We recognise the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on our community with many facing an uncertain or different future. We are also aware that some people have moved from employment into self-employment and created their own new businesses during the pandemic. We are looking to grant fund business support organisations who can provide assistance to new business owners in our target areas, to support them to adjust to the new economic realities and ensure the viability of their recently registered enterprise.

(West Cornwall) – Max grant allocation = £110,000

Intervention rate: up to 72%

Match: to be found from non-EU sources

All projects must support the delivery of specific strategic objectives and activities set out in the West Cornwall Local Action Group’s Local Development Strategy.

Deadlines for expressions of interest 5th April 2021

If you think you have a project that meets our criteria, and would like to apply, please read the following guidance documents.

These are to help you navigate the application process and provide you more detail of sort of projects we’re looking for.