South and East Cornwall LAG

South and East Cornwall LAG

SELAG C06   Supporting people to create new businesses in South & East Cornwall

To view the LAG area specific strategy please visit the South & East Cornwall Cornwall LAG page.

SELAG is pleased to open a call for projects that will support people to establish their own businesses.  Projects can be designed to support people in CLLD target areas provided they do not already run a business.  Business creation may be a response to recent job loss, to supplement existing employment or possibly to achieve a longer term aim of transitioning from employment to self-employment.  We are keen to hear your ideas.

We are seeking projects that raise aspiration in eligible participants and recruit them to the delivery of a min of 12 hours interaction where they will learn how to become enterprise ready.  We expect this activity to include the development of thorough understanding about the positives and negatives of running your own business,  financial competence, market analysis, business planning, and generally supporting potential entrepreneurs to the point of start-up.

Further support for new enterprises may also be incorporated (additional min of 12 hours interaction) to supplement pre-start support for the new entrepreneurs as they take their first steps as a self-employed individual.

Applicants should demonstrate their understanding of the South and East Cornwall economic context and where they are linking with local organisations for engagement, support and/or legacy purposes.  Evidence of innovative thinking  and a clear exit strategy demonstrating the lasting impact of the project, will be required.

It is possible that a proportion of participants will have additional training needs that may limit their ability to make the most of the pre-start up business support.  This should be taken into account by applicants and consideration given to how they will address this.

Participants may currently be employed, unemployed or inactive, but cannot already own a business.

We are looking for:

  • Applicants that can demonstrate flexible delivery methodologies that have different approaches depending on the needs of the participants.
  • Linkages between the applicant and other training programmes to facilitate additional skills development for participants as appropriate.

Funding available: £100,000 (European Regional Development Fund – ERDF)

Anticipated outputs: 40x Potential entrepreneurs supported

Maximum intervention rate: 72%

Match funding: from non-EU sources

Deadline for Expressions of Interest: 4pm, Friday 4th September 2020

All projects must support the delivery of specific strategic objectives and activities set out in the South and East Cornwall Local Action Group’s Local Development Strategy.

If you think you have a project that meets our criteria, and would like to apply, please read the following guidance documents. 

These are to help you navigate the application process and provide you more detail of sort of projects we’re looking for.  

We would also highly advise you to take a look at our Applicant Handbook as this will answer many of your general questions.