Atlantic and Moor LAG

Atlantic and Moor LAG

To view the LAG areas specific strategies please visit the Atlantic and Moor Cornwall LAG page.

Call 1: AMLAG01: Business Development & Growth.

We are seeking projects that will provide support local businesses to grow, create jobs, and to recruit from the AMLAG region. Projects will take the form of either business support and consultancy, or capital investment activity. Support and consultancy must represent a minimum of 12 hours interaction with businesses.

Call 2: AMLAG 02: Entrepreneurship in AMLAG.

For this call there are two key themes both of which aim to stimulate and support entrepreneurship across the AMLAG region.

Applicants must consider how they will support the development of new entrepreneurs (including the development of ‘soft skills’ where required) as well as helping businesses that are less than 12 months old to develop further. Projects that support one or the other are also welcomed, but a combined approach is preferable.

Partnership working and co-design approaches are encouraged, including partnerships with local organisations to support engagement and/or legacy activities.

Demonstration of innovative thinking within the applicant’s exit strategy is a priority.

Route to self-employment:

Projects are encouraged that raise aspiration in eligible beneficiaries and recruit them to a course (minimum of 24 hours interaction) where they will learn how to establish a business.

Beneficiaries of the project may currently be in employment elsewhere, unemployed or economically inactive.

Call 3: AMLAG 03: Developing People.

Projects are invited that will provide support and deliver to those who are not in employment at the current time.We recognise the limited number of employment, skills, and training opportunities in AMLAG region of Cornwall, partly due to the difficulties of rurality and small population centres. However, we believe there is scope to develop new types of delivery with very localised activity, or innovative approaches to engaging people and supporting them to access opportunities to develop themselves.

Projects will work with those who are ‘unemployed’ or inactive’ and will move people into, or closer to, the labour market. Links with employers (local and national) will be a crucial element of the projects as will support for participants to access the opportunities. In particular:

  • Projects that demonstrate a link between local employers staffing needs and the proposed training offer will be a higher priority for support
  • Projects where skills development is provided to eligible participants in a way that also aims to address the most acute issues identified in the IMD will also be a higher priority for support
  • Applicants may plan to deliver in one or more of the AMLAG target areas
  • Applicants will also need to demonstrate how they plan to tailor their support for each area taking into account the differing demographics in the different parts of the area.

Call 4: AMLAG 04: Developing community and business workspace.

Projects are sought that create or refurbish buildings for new or increased commercial activity that provides an economic benefit to residents of the AMLAG region. This may take the form of the construction of new, or the refurbishment of existing, business units, co-working spaces, hot-desking facilities, or any other form of workspace that meets local need.

We are looking for:

  • Projects that provide communal co-working facilities which are accessible to new enterprises and ‘kitchen table’ businesses looking to expand into premises
  • Projects that provide new business units
  • Projects that provide business growth and job creation through the refurbishment, or expansion of existing company facilities.

Call 5: AMLAG 05: Atlantic & Moor Rural Services.

Innovative projects are sought that propose the implementation of new services or the development of an existing service where there is a clear and demonstrated economic benefit to one or more of AMLAG’s core areas.

Local transport issues should be considered intrinsically with all projects and creative solutions are encouraged.

Applicants will seek to develop services that enable local residents of CLLD core neighbourhoods to access support, services and opportunities, including accessing affordable energy.

We will fund projects that engage and empower local people to tackle local issues through training activities bolstered by capital investment into buildings, equipment and potentially vehicles. Community capacity building is crucial for individuals and communities to develop resilience and to create opportunities; as such applicants to this call will demonstrate