South & East Cornwall LAG

The South & East Cornwall CLLD area covers from St Austell to Saltash in South Cornwall and specifically the areas of St Dennis–Treviscoe-Foxhole and Victoria-Bugle- Penwithick in the China Clay area; St Austell, St Blazey, Liskeard, Looe, Callington, Saltash and Torpoint.

There are 18 ‘Core areas’  (30% most deprived nationally) in West Cornwall and 42 ‘Functional areas’. The hub town of St Austell is the most deprived cluster where 5 of the areas are in the 30% most deprived communities, 3 of which are in the 10-20% most deprived and 1 in the 10% most deprived nationally.

To be eligible for funding your project must aim to achieve one or more of the Objectives from the Local Development Strategy and be based in a Core area or, if the project activity takes place in a Functional area, be of benefit for people in a Core area.

Aim and Objectives from the Local Development Strategy

Providing pathways to better economic opportunities for people and businesses in the CLLD area of South & East Cornwall, that are accessible and generate locally available economic opportunities through innovative community led approaches.

  1. Stimulating new and existing local businesses to provide local work opportunities including by making them as competitive as possible
  2. Maximising the potential of proposed developments and activities in the Mid Cornwall Economic Corridor for the benefit of CLLD areas
  3. Developing community led initiatives/ community based projects to work with people to build capacity, confidence and skills for progression towards employment and training
  4. Raising community aspirations by targeting locally distinctive initiatives to achieve an economic step change (an objective in its own right and an underpinning objective)
  5. Addressing transport barriers that prevent people from accessing work and training opportunities (a cross cutting theme)

Callington              Liskeard              Looe              St Austell              St Dennis – Treviscoe – Foxhole              St Blazey             Saltash              Torpoint              Victoria – Bugle – Penwithick

Pre-application Guidance

LDS (Executive Summary)

Local Development Strategy

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Ffion Stanton, CLLD Facilitator- South & East Cornwall