Small Grants

£1 coins

Be happy- small grants of up to £9,999 available now

The small grants scheme makes obtaining CLLD funding easier and faster for smaller projects.  This is achieved with:

  • A single application process (rather than the 2-stage process for larger applications)
  • A shorter application form
  • A 6 week turnaround from submission of a fully completed application to decision

The first small grants scheme to be launched is for business development in the ‘Core areas’.

Application guidance and forms for each area can be downloaded below, but you must contact your local Project Facilitator before making an application.  They will confirm eligibility of your project before you make an application and provide assistance if needed.

Enterprise Small Grants Scheme

These grants are aimed at supporting micro, small and medium sized businesses and social enterprises in ‘Core areas’ to increase their capacity where, ideally, this leads to some degree of job creation.

Grants from £1,000 up to a maximum of £9,999 are available.  Larger projects should apply to the main scheme.

A maximum contribution of up to 72% towards project costs can be sought, but not in excess of £9,999.

Each Local Action Group area has it’s own application form, so please download the appropriate form for the area where your business is based.  You will also need to download the ‘procurement’ table and guidance:

Enterprise small grants guidance

Enterprise small grants ‘procurement’

Enterprise small grants application forms:


If you’re not sure which area your project is in, please call 01209 615067.