Coast to Coast LAG

The Coast to Coast CLLD area covers the areas of Camborne, Pool, Redruth-St Day and Illogan, together with Truro and Falmouth-Penryn.

There are 22 ‘Core areas’  (30% most deprived nationally) in the Coast to Coast area and 44 ‘Functional areas’.  Camborne has 3 areas which are ranked within the 10% most deprived nationally; Falmouth-Penryn has 1 area and Redruth-St Day also has 1 area.

To be eligible for funding your project must aim to achieve one or more of the Objectives from the Local Development Strategy and be based in a Core area or, if the project activity takes place in a Functional area, be of benefit for people in a Core area.

Aim and Objectives from the Local Development Strategy

Provide pathways to better economic opportunities for local people and businesses at the heart of Cornwall.

  1. Supporting business and employment development at the community level to generate locally available employment opportunities
  2. Exploiting the cultural and heritage assets of the area (an objective in its own right and underpinning Objectives 1 and 2)
  3. Making work and training and skills development opportunities accessible to all CLLD residents

Camborne              Falmouth – Penryn              Illogan              Redruth – St Day              Truro

Pre-application Guidance

LDS (Executive Summary)

Local Development Strategy

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Naomi Belert, CLLD Facilitator - Coast to Coast