Atlantic & Moor LAG

The Atlantic and Moor CLLD Area covers the area of Cornwall from Newquay North and East to the Cornwall border, and specifically the areas of Newquay, Bodmin, St Columb Major, Tintagel, Launceston and Bude.

There are 14 ‘Core areas’  (30% most deprived nationally) in the Atlantic & Moor area and 27 ‘Functional areas’.  The two hub towns of Bodmin and Newquay are the most deprived clusters and 2 of the Core LSOAS in Bodmin are between 10-20% most deprived nationally.

To be eligible for funding your project must aim to achieve one or more of the Objectives from the Local Development Strategy and be based in a Core area or, if the project activity takes place in a Functional area, be of benefit for people in a Core area.


Please note:

AMLAG is unlikely to fund feasibility studies unless it can be demonstrated that the study has a productive purpose relating to CLLD Objectives and does not duplicate existing published information.

Due to the relatively low level of funding allocated to create workspace, AMLAG is unlikely to be able to support major capital investment projects.

Aim and Objectives from the Local Development Strategy

Provide pathways to better economic opportunities for people and businesses in the CLLD areas of Atlantic and Moor, strengthening local availability of employment, skills and training, and developing the ability of CLLD residents to access these.

  1. To remove barriers to growth and finance for new and existing businesses
  2. To enable personal and community development within communities for economic benefit
  3. To develop the economic opportunities associated with addressing fuel poverty
  4. To address transport barriers (a cross cutting objective)

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Pre-application Guidance

LDS (Executive Summary)

Local Development Strategy

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Ian Saltern, Project Facilitator, Atlantic & Moor LAG